Guitarist, Improviser, Composer

Contemporary guitarist, improviser, and composer Andreas Paolo Perger (Foto: Künstlerausgabe/ Artist Edition)
Foto: Künstlerausgabe/ Artist Edition

Thursday, 2018 April 26th, 8 p.m. - Zionskirche Berlin
"Gravure 1-10" and Improvised compositions for concert guitar

Saturday, 2018 April 21st, 5 p.m. K l a n G a l e r i e
Greifswalder Strasse 224, 10405 Berlin

"Relief" (Album) for 5.1 surround guitar

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Experience with different approaches to balance interpretation, improvisation, and composition
on the guitar and for larger ensembles led to an open process-oriented structure. It combines freedom
and form in creating and listening.
My Improvised compositions are module based and open to the moment
of performance. They vary and develope constantly. They react on the acoustic of the room and the whole
situation of performance creating an abstract narration.

I play the concert guitar and a special electric guitar. The two different sounding instruments inspire me.
I started to combine the playing techniques and today it is only a tonal difference to me.
The studio album
"Relief" (2011) gives an impression of my music on the electric guitar. "Gravure", performed weekly since
summer 2014 on the concert guitar at "Zionskirche" Berlin, will be available as sheet music at Edition
Margaux soon. "Gravure" is also to be heard in the cinema drama "Beyond Words".

To think of interpretation, improvisation, and composition in one context is called a baroque attitude.
A contemporary version of it interests me. Therein occure organic forms and interactive moments.

Link to >internet series (mp3) 1993-2016. It was my diary and working table. I'm sorry,
it is a mess and will be made clearer and easier in the future. There you find recordings,
pictures, texts, and information.

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